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Welcome to FLAIR  – un monde de tentations


Flair is dedicated to "Creating superior value by realizing the inconceivable."

To ensure the company's sustainable growth of revenues and profit through economic and market cycles, the strategic vision of Flair is focused on offering increasingly differentiated service packages based on clear directives for each operation.

Flair continues to maintain & improve its leading position in the Gift &Home Accessories as well as Chocolate & Event Services, despite new players in the market and the occasional participation of non-dedicated parties. The fact that Flair has a level of professionalism and the will to invade the markets and come back with best of products and ideas gives us a distinct advantage and  sets us apart from the competition. Flair continues to evolve in line with the demands of its customers retaining preferred supplier status.

Flair chose to expand its service portfolio by providing chocolate & Garnment services for large production platforms. The Company continues to expand and develop this niche. The level of quality required across the organization to enable the delivery of broader scope and added value results in a positioning of the Company at an even higher level of performance.

The website represents contemporary design, of which we trust it is easy to use and accessible for all of its visitors. In our products section, we try to capture with photos the real thing as good as possible, but we realize this platform inevitably misses many dimensions and does no justice to the sizes and complexities of the real operations.

We are committed to continue to improve the 'visit-ability' of this website over time. Suggestions are welcome. We enjoy talking to motivated visitors and we take every comment seriously.


Vincent Khalil, GM 


Mission Statement:

Our mission is to enhance customers’ space into a convivial world of famous crystal, glass art and international accessories brands, as well as garnishing cherished moments with the chocolate temptation; while honoring the continual satisfaction of our customers and employees.


Vision Statement:

We offer the newest innovative collections from the European market direct to customers’ access, holding a leader position in the Lebanese market.


Quality Policy:

We believe that the quality of our products and services is a reflection of our internal culture and our workplace behavior; therefore our brands are very selective to reach all tastes and styles and garnish people lives with pieces of arts and creative designs.


Core Values:

- Quality products and services is the foundation of our company;
- Attention to the needs of our customers is of paramount importance;
- Our products are made by people who are committed to continuous research and innovation;

- Our personnel is properly trained, self-development is nurtured for maximum efficiency in customer servicing. 


Flair was founded in 2011 as an extension to Accessories Business we were running under Home City roof. We could say it was a quality turnover in the Gift & Home Accessories business. The Magic of art living with a rare and inimitable variety of articles which will enhance your taste to such a wonderful world of “Extravaganza” Famous Glass, Bohemian, Crystal and International Brands.


Flair takes you beyond the Classical Crystal Shops, transforming the space into a Convivial lounge and shopping spot with a stylish boutique of Valuable articles.

Flair “Un monde de tentation” is a unique world of temptation, as each valuable piece of Art Flair sells, induces customers to own. Each Cycle, Flair offers new innovative collections from the European market direct to customers access. Though, being a new- born in the Lebanese Market, Flair today holds a leader position in the market.


Flair invaded the market with four branches in 2011, and is extending to eight or ten by end of 2014; Targeting the well-known geographic regions and premium malls and shops.

Flair brands are very selective to reach all tastes and styles and garnish people lives with pieces of arts and creative designs. Since little things make all the difference and truly make your home yours. Our collections add extra character and personality.


We carry among our high end collections sculptures, vases, lamps, crystals, premium handmade glass, Italian and French porcelain, Murano and many many others. As well we are expanding collections to table ware and all home accessories needs. Each product is such a piece of art, as well many are handmade. A certification is a must for selection as each piece has its own history, poem or identity.

Moreover, Flair expanded business by opening its own workshop for chocolate and all occasion services such as baby birth, weddings, Christmas, Easter, 1st communion or any other occasion that can come to mind. We offer a wide variety of chocolate and services to make the moment invitingly seductive with Flair touch.

We believe that the quality of our products and services is a reflection of our internal culture and workplace behavior.


It is in fact; in the client’s delight that success is projected.



Sahel Alma Highway
Home City Galleria Bldg.
Tel: +961 9 911000 / 9 911911 Fax: +961 9 911333
Mob: +961 3 969090
P.O. Box: 809 Jounieh, Lebanon

Rabieh main road
Square center
Tel: +961 9 911911 Ext 308



FLAIR  provides the following services:


-  Chocolate Services, such as but not limited to Christmas, easter, wedding, new born, baby shower, 1st communion, graduation, engagement or any other event. (under Flair);

- Assembly, Delivery & Display such as but not limited to , Hotels, appartments, restaurants, villas, etc.;