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Terms & Conditions

Following are all the terms and conditions for the use of HHH Website. By using HHH Website you agree to abide by the following regulations. All visitors are subject to these terms and conditions.


HHH reserves the right to block visitors who violate the following terms and conditions and to prevent them from using HHH Website:


  1. HHH does not authorize the transmission and distribution of any kind of bulk e-Mail through its network. In addition, sending any kind of invalid e-Mail is prohibited. HHH reserves the right to take all the steps to prevent such e-Mails and to block any violators from using HHH Website.
  2. HHH does not rent, exchange, sell or reveal whatsoever its mailing lists. It also does not disclose any information about its site’s visitors. 
  3. HHH does not trace its website’s visitors. Yet, it may utilize limited information about visits made to its site only to investigate and analyze common traffic patterns and execute standard system maintenance.
  4. Since information communicated through the Internet is usually not private, HHH does not promise the security of its visitors’ privacy.
  5. HHH visitors approve not to, or attempt to, make illegal access. They also agree not to endeavor or do damage of any nature to HHH network, or its classified information.
  6. Sending out any information or material that violates any international, regional or local regulation, law or treaty is banned.
  7. HHH website content is protected by copyrights, trademarks, and other intellectual property rights (“Rights”). HHH website’s visitors agree not to use the HHH website to reproduce or distribute in any way materiel that is copyright protected, without obtaining permission of the copyright owner.
  8. The use of HHH website signifies that the visitor has read and approved HHH Terms & Conditions.


For further inquiries regarding these Terms and Conditions, please email us at:


Or call us at: +961 9 911 911